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  • 02Saige Vision
  • Vision Inspection
    Automate your vision inspection tasks with the powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use SaigeVision®  platform. Employing the state-of-the-art in machine learning algorithms, with advanced tools for data generation, augmentation, and labelling, SaigeVision® offers unmatched accuracy and speed for the most challenging inspection problems. Even with only limited training data, SaigeVision® achieves maximum performance with minimum operational overhead.
  • Video Anomaly Detection
    SaigeVAD® automatically detects a diverse range of assembly and manufacturing errors from video data. Using only unlabelled training data — a continuously recorded video sequence of normal  operations, for example — SaigeVAD® can be trained to detect all anomalies, and to classify which of these are critical and which can be safely ignored.
  • OCR | Text Understanding
    SaigeOCR® automatically detects words and text in images, and transforms these into digital strings.  Drawing upon advanced deep learning methods to extract curvature and other geometric information of the text area, SaigeOCR®  robustly recognizes and transforms even highly distorted text into digital strings.
  • Signal Analysis
    Saige offers solutions for inspection and monitoring of signal and time series data: electrical measurement signals, acoustic signals, vibration patterns, and various multidimensional time series and sequential data.


  1. Energy Storage Systems
  2. Semiconductors and Electronics
  3. Packaging and Logistics
  4. Displays and Panels
  5. Pharmaceutical and Biomedical
  • <span>Energy Storage</span> <span> Systems</span> 이미지
  • <span>Semiconductors </span> <span>and Electronics</span> 이미지
  • <span>Packaging</span> <span>and Logistics<span> 이미지
  • <span>Displays</span> <span>and Panels</span> 이미지
  • <span>Pharmaceutical</span> <span> and Biomedical</span> 이미지

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