About Saige


Founded in 2017 by Frank Park and his students and colleagues at Seoul National University, Saige Research specializes in AI solutions for industrial inspection and quality control. With decades of experience in the mathematics and algorithms of machine learning, optimization, image and signal processing, and systems and control, the engineering team at Saige is committed to developing best-in-class solutions for real-world problems.

One of the earliest lessons we learned working on numerous pilot projects with our partners is that, for most industrial inspection and quality control tasks, the problem is not big data, but rather small data. We also learned that general, one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work–—leveraging domain expertise, and adapting and optimizing the solutions to fit the customer’s needs, is key to making AI solutions that work.

With a proven track record of performance at leading companies like Samsung SDI and LG Energy Solutions, SaigeVision is establishing itself as the market leader in deep learning inspection solutions for batteries, electronics, semiconductors, and many other domains.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and news about our evolving story.


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