Energy Storage Systems

Use Case: Battery Inspection

  • Casing Inspection: Typical battery casing defects such as scratches, dents, cracks, and stains, are difficult to detect using conventional machine vision: not only are the defects difficult to capture because of the reflective nature of the casing surfaces, but the threshold for defects is also difficult to quantify.

With SaigeVision® Segmentation, such external surface defects can be detected and identified accurately and quickly.

  • Tab Inspection: Battery tabs, which are made of a variety of metals (aluminum, copper, nickel), are thin, soft, and easily damaged. Common defects include scratches, bumps, holes, and dirt. All defects must be identified and eliminated prior to soldering, since a damaged tab can significantly degrade battery performance. Low-quality soldering can also cause downstream defects such as burns, hits, and missing balls.

With SaigeVision® Segmentation,  tab defects can be identified accurately and quickly.

  • X-Ray Inspection: Checking the alignment of the positive and negative electrodes inside a battery, determining whether there are a correct number of electrodes, and  identifying poor-quality welds are critical steps in battery inspection. X-ray inspection is the preferred non-invasive method for battery internal inspection, but X-ray images can be noisy and highly susceptible to environmental variables.

With SaigeVision® Super-Resolution and Segmentation, battery internal inspection using X-rays can be conducted accurately and reliably.

Semiconductors and Electronics

Use Case: Printed Circuit Board Inspection

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have many different types of defects: opens, slits, pinholes, circuit pushes, circuit separations,  excessive solder, webbing and splashes, etc. Because of the stringent precision and resolution requirements, line-scan cameras are typically used to acquire images. Because such images tend to be extremely large, existing solutions have great difficulty meeting both the speed and accuracy requirements for in-line inspection.

SaigeVision® is currently being used at a major electronics manufacturer (Daeduck Electronics)  for fast and accurate in-line inspection of PCBs.

Packaging and Logistics

Use Case: Saline Pack Pick-and-Place

Packages come in all sizes, shapes, and materials, and can range from completely rigid to highly deformable. In typical production lines, packages must not only be inspected, but also manipulated, sorted, and transported with robots.  The latter operation typically requires identifying features of the package, and selecting grasp points prior to robotic pick-and-place. Saline packs, for example, are highly deformable, transparent, and reflective, and often are stacked on top of each other. In-line inspection and real-time grasp point selection for robotic pick-and-place must be simultaneously performed in as little as 200 milliseconds.

SaigeVision® is being used in saline pack production facilities for both in-line inspection and centerpoint/orientation identification for handling and sorting.

Displays and Panels

Use Case: Mura Defect Detection

OLED/LED/LCD display panels present unique challenges for defect inspection. MURA defects, which can be described as extremely low-contrast stains ranging in size from just a few pixels to large subregions of the panel, are particularly difficult to detect and classify because of their back-end manufacturing process-specific nature. Different defect types can have very similar appearances, and can also occur at the same location. Identifying defect types is important in tracing the source of the manufacturing errors.

SaigeVision® has been successfully applied in detecting a wide array of MURA and other defect types in OLED panels.

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical

Use Case: Pharmaceutical Inspection

With its stringent safety requirements, inspection of pharmaceutical products cannot tolerate any false negatives (i.e., incorrectly classifying damaged pills as normal), while at the same time it is crucial to maintain real-time, high-volume inspection rates.

The advanced algorithms employed by SaigeVision® are the perfect tool for meeting the strict accuracy and speed requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.